We are in the production of our second feature film: “Red Code Blue”. The plan is to complete the production by the summer of 2023 and to release the movie in the first quarter of 2024.

We have shot about 1/2 of the movie.
Here’s a peek at what we’ve done so far.

Here's a scene from the movie which doesn't end too well…


It would be nice, wouldn’t it? Not this time though...

A young police detective, Roman Skulte starts to work in Riga Center Precinct in the mid- 90s. He’s full of juice, ready to take on crime and change the world eliminating corruption and all the dirty shit he’s so sick of. What do you think happens to a naive idealist detective diving into the real world? He gets one in his face – that’s what happens!

Pretty soon comes the realization that enthusiasm alone won’t take him far. To succeed in his quest for a better world while fighting crime and corruption, he realizes some borders – ethical and legislative, will have to be crossed.. All for the good cause, of course.

But as the proverb says: the road to hell is paved with good intentions...

The plot takes the young man through different paths, both – good and evil, but at the center of the story is the interior of the young detective’s personality and the question of his moral compass. Is it possible to keep a clean conscience fighting a dirty fight? Well, nobody knows...


The task for our main guy Skulte is crystal clear - save the city from all the crap that criminals and corrupt cops have created. He is a self-righteous and honest man, who believes it is in his power to change the world. Only the world, it turns out, is not as simple as it seems at first.


Not many will willingly stand in the way of Oleg Rukov – the deputy chief of the criminal division. Skulte, however, senses that Rukov does not have the law or well-being of the city in his closest interest. To win in the fight for world justice, Skulte will likely have to come into conflict with a vigorous opponent.


In the precinct, he is called the "American". Golubev is assigned to Skulte as a work supervisor, and he introduces the young man to how things are actually done in the station. "American" does not need to search for a word - he has many stories in his pocket.


Vachstein has no illusions that the world can be saved. However, seeing how passionate the young man is towards the justice system, he helps Skulte with advice. Vachstein has more than one card under his sleeve that can come in handy for such a rookie. How clean or dirty those cards are - that's up to Skulte to decide.


Gena is a seasoned Inspector of Especially Important Cases. Depending on the situation he can use brutal force or virtuously go the law-abiding way. Everyone knows – if you don't understand something, ask Gena! Though, the answer most likely will be: "Fuck off! I got no time for this shit..."


Ivanov is the kind of investigator who sits in his corner and minds his own business. You can't really tell if he is working like crazy or scheming some dirty shit? Well, don't bet on him being a hard-working and well-meaning citizen.


Duksnay is the Head of the criminal department in the precinct. Well, the boss as a boss. He gives it to you when it's deserved. He gives it to you just for fun. On Skulte's first day, he lays it out as it is – what you've learned at the academy is bullshit. We'll build you up here from scratch!

Calm down! No need to panic - there'll be many more characters! There'll be two very tough ladies - dr. Lilita Sadovska and prosecutor Olga Shapirova, as well as some punks, criminals, bums, and even a priest. Amen!

We are in search of funding to complete the production of our movie. We are also open to international partnerships, distributors, and sales agents. So if you like what you see – you can reach us at: [email protected]